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How to care for your surgical wound and scar

Surgical wounds can take months to heal, which often means having to tend to the incision at home without the aid of nurses.

Here are some wound and scar care guidelines to help you smoothen your post-surgical recovery journey!

Routinely replace bandages

While you are still warded, pay attention to the way your nurse treats your surgical suture. Don't hesitate to ask them to explain or teach you, especially if your surgical site is on a sensitive area. After you get discharged, be sure to follow the same frequency and technique to replace your bandages at home.

Keep your surgical wound clean

In addition to changing bandages regularly, you should also ask your doctor to recommend a cleansing soap that is safe for you to clean your wound with, and don't forget to wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your wound.

Avoid lifting heavy loads

Straining your surgical wound is a big no-no, so try not to carry anything too heavy, at least within the first two weeks after your surgery. You should also regularly check with your doctor on the state of your recovery.

Increase protein and fluid intake

Try to increase your consumption of foods that are high in protein, as protein is needed to help your surgical wound heal faster. In addition, make sure that you are drinking enough water for your body to remain well-hydrated.

Use a scar reduction treatment

Once your surgical incision has closed and dried up into a scar,you should immediately start treating it with a clinically-proven scar reduction treatment such as Dermatix® Ultra, to achieve the best scar reduction effect.

Don't scratch your scar

Scratching your scar might lead to an infection, which will hamper the scar's healing and worsen the scarring. If your surgical scar itches, instead of scratching try to rub, pat, tap or firmly hold the itchy area.1

Avoid exposing your scar to the sun

Exposure to sunlight will cause your scar to darken2, so try to minimise direct sun exposure to your surgical scar, or make sure to apply skin care products with SPF protection over your scar site.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to promote healing, reduce the risk of infection, and minimise scarring with Dermatix® Ultra for a seamless recovery!

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