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What is a hypertrophic scar?

Hypertrophic scars are raised scars that have a rough, uneven surface.

Will every injury leave a scar?

Yes, every skin injury will leave a scar. The body's response to an injury is to lay down collagen and form a scar to heal. However, how large and how noticeable the scar will be, depends on several factors such as the blood supply to the area, orientation of the scar, mobility of scar, exposure to the sun, and hormones, among others.

Do keloids only grow on people prone to scarring?

Keloids can appear in certain parts of the normal population, or due to certain causes during the scar healing process. Keloid scarring is not necessarily solely caused by genetics.

Who can I contact for complaints or information?

If you have any complaints or questions about Dermatix® products, please contact your local Dermatix® office.

Does Dermatix® Ultra work on old scars?

For best results, scars should be treated with Dermatix® Ultra when it is still fresh (up to 3 months old) as soon as the wound has healed and closed1. Dermatix® Ultra should be used within 2 years of scar formation.

Does Dermatix® Ultra work on depressed scars?

Dermatix® Ultra is indicated for raised scars and not depressed scars.

Does Dermatix® Ultra work on flat scars?

Dermatix® Ultra helps to lighten, soften and flatten scars2, 3, 4. If you have a flat but darkened scar, Dermatix® Ultra contains a novel Vitamin C Ester that protects against UVA/B and will help to lighten your scar1, 5.

Does Dermatix® Ultra work on burn scars?

Yes, Dermatix® Ultra is effective for lightening, softening and flattening burn scars.

Does Dermatix® Ultra work on stretch marks?

There have been no studies on the effectiveness of Dermatix® Ultra on the reduction of stretch marks.

Does Dermatix® Ultra work on keloid scars?

Surgical or non-surgical methods such as corticosteroid, cryotherapy, laser can be used on Keloid. Following surgery, scar prevention should be initiated and Dermatix® Ultra can be considered first-line therapy6.

Can I use Dermatix® Ultra on my Cesarean scar?

Yes, Dermatix® Ultra can help you to lighten, flatten and soften your Cesarean scar2, 3, 4. For best results, treatment with Dermatix® Ultra should be started once your incision has healed and stitches are removed, usually 10 - 14 days after the surgery. If your Cesarean scar is old, you may see limited effectiveness.

Can Dermatix® Ultra fully remove a scar?

Scars can never be 100% removed, but Dermatix® Ultra has more than 85% success rate in softening and diminishing raised scars4, 7. For best results, begin applying Dermatix® Ultra twice daily, once the wound has healed and closed.

Does Dermatix® Ultra work on wounds caused by laser treatments?

After the wound has dried and is no longer producing pus or yellow fluids, you will be able to use Dermatix® Ultra on the scar.

How long will it take for my scar to improve?

We recommend a minimum treatment time of 60 to 90 days8, with older or larger scars requiring a longer treatment time. It is safe to use Dermatix® Ultra for as long as continued improvement is evident. For best results, apply Dermatix® Ultra twice daily for 3 months on minor scars, and 6 to 9 months on burn scars or surgical scars.

Aren't silicone gel sheets better because they protect the wound and provide pressure?

Clinical trials have shown that silicone gels such as Dermatix® Ultra give equal or better scar reduction results than silicone gel sheeting and are much easier to apply and cause less inconvenience and irritation3.

Does Dermatix® Ultra work on mosquito bites?

Dermatix® Ultra works on elevated scars caused by a variety of incidences, including insect bites, plus Dermatix® Ultra can also relieve the tension and itching3. Simply dab a little Dermatix® Ultra over the bite scars.

How do I apply Dermatix® Ultra?

Dermatix® Ultra must only be applied on dry, intact skin. Please ensure that your wound has healed before starting treatment with Dermatix® Ultra. To apply, please follow these steps:

  1. Clean the affected area with mild soap and water. Pat dry.
  2.  Apply a pea-sized amount at the tip of the scar, and gently spread thinly over the whole affected area. This amount should be sufficient to cover a 6 inch scar, and applying more will not increase its efficacy so please do not over-use.
  3.  Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes. Once dry, Dermatix® Ultra may be covered with cosmetics or sunscreen1.

Do I apply Dermatix® Ultra before or after my skin care?

After cleaning your skin, you should apply Dermatix® Ultra before starting the rest of your skin care routine1.

Can I apply sunscreen or make up after using Dermatix® Ultra?

Yes, after you have applied Dermatix® Ultra over your scar, you can freely apply sunscreen or makeup over the area1.

Can I use Dermatix® Ultra together with turmeric?

There have been no studies on the use of Dermatix® Ultra together with turmeric.

Can I use Dermatix® Ultra together with silicone sheeting?

There is no need to combine Dermatix® Ultra with silicone sheeting, as both solutions aid scar reduction through similar mechanisms. However, as a gel, Dermatix® Ultra is easier to apply consistently, and will not cause the discomfort common to silicone sheeting.

Will my Dermatix® Ultra coating get removed by sweat or wiping?

Our CPX (cyclopentasiloxane) Silicone technology gives Dermatix® Ultra excellent spreadability, quick drying, improved durability and wash off resistance1.

Are there any restrictions on the use of Dermatix® Ultra?

  • Dermatix Ultra is for external use only.
  • Direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes, 3rd degree burns and open wounds must be avoided1
  • Dermatix should not be applied over antibiotic preparations or other skin treatments or products1
  • Do not expose scar to extreme temperatures and intense sunlight1.
  • Tight clothing should be avoided in case it irritates or injures the scar tissue1.
  • Take good care during stretching exercises that might affect the sensitive skin of the scar1.
  • Dermatix may stain clothing if not completely dry. 
  • Keep out of reach of children1.

Are there any side effects from using Dermatix® Ultra?

Based on studies conducted, there should not be any side effects such as irritation, redness or pain from using Dermatix® Ultra. If you do experience any side effects, please consult your dermatologist immediately1.

Is Dermatix® Ultra safe to use during pregnancy?

Please seek your doctor's advice if you wish to use Dermatix® Ultra during your pregnancy. There is insufficient information on safety of use of this product during pregnancy.

Can I leave Dermatix® Ultra on my skin overnight?

Yes, Dermatix® Ultra can be used overnight.

Can Dermatix® Ultra be used together with other topical medications?

No, we do not recommend applying any other medication underneath Dermatix® Ultra, and any medication applied on top of Dermatix® Ultra will have no effect as Dermatix® Ultra would have formed a barrier, preventing the other medication from passing through.

When can Dermatix® Ultra treatment be started after a surgery or injury?

Dermatix® Ultra treatment should only be started after the wound has closed, is no longer bleeding, and stitches have been removed. For reference, you can usually start using Dermatix® Ultra 1 day after minor cuts, 3 days after mild burns, 7 to 10 days after deep cuts, 7 days after a facial or eyelid surgery, and 10 to 14 days after major surgery9.

Can I apply Dermatix® Ultra on my open and fresh wound?

Please do not apply Dermatix® Ultra on open wounds as it may interfere with the natural healing of the wound. Dermatix Ultra is a scar removal product, not a wound healing product.

Can Dermatix® Ultra be used on children or babies?

Dermatix® Ultra is not contraindicated for use on babies or children. There are studies in which Dermatix® Ultra has been used on infants, with no adverse effects10. Take extra precaution to avoid accidental ingestion of the gel by your child.

Can Dermatix® Ultra be used with other oral medications?

Yes, Dermatix® Ultra does not enter the bloodstream so it is safe to use with oral medications.

I have a silicone gel allergy, can I use Dermatix® Ultra?

If you are allergic to silicone gel, you should avoid using Dermatix® Ultra and other silicone gel preparations as they may cause redness, itching and irritation.

Can nursing mothers use Dermatix® Ultra?

Yes, Dermatix® Ultra does not penetrate into the skin or enter the bloodstream so it is safe for nursing mothers. However, if you are using Dermatix® Ultra on your chest area, you should wipe off the gel before nursing to prevent your baby from accidentally ingesting the gel.

Can Dermatix® Ultra be used on the lips?

Yes, Dermatix® Ultra is safe to use on the lips, but not inside the mouth8.

Can Dermatix® Ultra be used on the eyelids after blepharoplasty?

Yes, however extra care should be taken to avoid the eyes, and you may experience a harmless, temporary stinging sensation.

What should I do if Dermatix® Ultra gets into my eyes?

Your eyes may sting temporarily, but there will be no lasting harm. Flush your eyes with saline solution to alleviate the stinging sensation.

Is Dermatix® Ultra safe for sensitive or allergy-prone skin?

Yes, Dermatix® Ultra is safe to use on sensitive and allergy-prone skin. However, if you have a medical skin condition do check with your skin doctor before using Dermatix® Ultra.

What type of scars can I use Dermatix® Ultra on?

Dermatix® Ultra is suitable for surgical scars, cesarean scars, keloids, burn scars, abrasion scars, facial scars, scars from cuts, falls, and insect bites9. Apply it twice daily and you should see initial improvements after 8 to 12 weeks of consistent usage7. For larger scars, apply Dermatix® Ultra for 6 months or more, until you experience the full benefits of scar improvement.

How does Dermatix® Ultra soften and smoothen scars?

Dermatix® Ultra's CPX technology restores the skin barrier function, reducing the skin's water loss and normalising collagen deposition and reducing scar thickness11.

How does Dermatix® Ultra lighten scars?

Dermatix® Ultra also contains a novel Vitamin C Ester that protects against UVA/B and has been shown to lighten hyperpigmentation1, 5.

What are the main benefits of Dermatix® Ultra?

  • Convenient to use
  • Transparent, odorless gel
  • Cosmetics can be applied over Dermatix® once dry
  • Easy to apply- no pain
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Safe for use with children
  • Self dries to invisible sheet
  • Can be used on old and new scars
  • Provides elastic protection12
  • Twice-daily application
  • Ideal for irregular skin/ scar surfaces and moving parts: joints, face
  • Direct continuous contact with skin provides improved scar management
  • No maceration10

How long can a tube of Dermatix® Ultra last?

On average, a 15g tube of Dermatix® Ultra can be used for 2 months on a 6-inch scar.

How long can a tube of Dermatix® Ultra be used after opening?

After opening, Dermatix® Ultra will be safe to use up till the expiry date.

How should I store Dermatix® Ultra?

Store your tubes away from heat sources, at temperatures below 25°C.

Why is Dermatix® Ultra more expensive than other scar treatments?

Dermatix® Ultra is made in the United States and FDA approved, thus our quality is assured compared to other products that are made in South East Asia. Dermatix® Ultra also contains the innovative CPX technology and Vitamin C Ester, and is extensively tested to ensure good coating and occlusion. Other cheaper scar treatments may also be using onion extracts, which have not been clinically proven to be effective for reducing scars, and causes itching with prolonged use13.

Where can I purchase Dermatix® Ultra?

Please visit your country's Dermatix® site to find out about purchase information.

Where is Dermatix® Ultra from?

Dermatix® Ultra is made in USA, and approved by the FDA.

What tube size is Dermatix® Ultra available in?

Please visit your country's Dermatix® site to find out about purchase information.

What is the difference between Dermatix® Ultra and other scar treatments?

Dermatix® Ultra contains CPX technology and Vitamin C Esters, which have been clinically proven to fade scars. Unlike other silicone gel treatments, Dermatix® Ultra also dries quickly and leaves a soft and light feel on the skin, and lets you apply cosmetics over it1. Many other scar treatments are also composed of onion extracts, which currently has no research data that can confirm its effectiveness.

What is the difference between Dermatix® Ultra and wound treatments?

Wounds and scars have different recovery processes, and require different treatments.

Can I purchase Dermatix® Ultra without a prescription?

Yes, Dermatix® Ultra can be purchased over the counter.

What is the difference between Dermatix® and Dermatix® Ultra?

Dermatix® Ultra is an enhanced formulation containing both CPX Silicone technology and Vitamin C Ester to help treat serious scars such as those from surgical procedures.

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